Donate Designer Goods

Donate to make a difference. 

Special Program for Designers or Brands that wish to send samples or showroom items & reach new customers.


Every year, billions of pounds of usable clothing end up in landfills. An easy way to reduce the environmental impact of fashion is to keep clothing in use for longer—whether it's in your closet or someone else's.


That is why we highly encourage you to donate your designer items or items that you may have around your showroom floor to our Foundation. These items that become almost/essentially worthless to you can become a HUGE BLESSING to another person globally through our program. We would ask that you give us this opportunity and donate your items to Heaven is Real Foundation.


Donating product is super easy! We will do all the handling from start to finish! Just simply send us an email to or fill out the form below.


Next, remember.... Your donation is a TAX DEDUCTABLE AT YOUR RETAIL VALUE - so please do not think you are giving away your precious items. We can ensure you get the full value tax deductible for your amazing goods... plus, we can use them to bless someone! How amazing would it be to help someone who really needs a pick me up or just a smile that day?





If you are a designer or brand, we will promote your brand amongst our social media platforms, as well as each customer/blessed person will receive your branding and item in a blessing box. You have the potential to reach over 100,000 people with just 1 blessing box through the power of social media, our support group and the recipient of your goods.

x 24,000 influencers within our Support Community

x Over 65,000 followers on Social Media

x Instagram Stories

x Recipients of the Blessing Box


Thank you for assisting in doing the work of the Kingdom!



Social Media Analytics - Reaching 20,000-100,000 people per post


Want to donate a sample to us? Are you a brand and want to send us product?




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