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How we started and where we are going...

Our Fashion House opened its doors in 2015, however, I personally have been in the public relations and marketing industry since 2005. Prior to moving to New York City where I worked in the fashion industry, I found myself working in South Florida. There, I worked for a company that managed beautiful god - given properties such as Fisher Island in Miami Beach, Florida, Country Clubs located in Naples, Florida, restaurants, hotels, private jet companies, automobile brands, etc. finding them ways to not only receive the best press in the business, but to bring them sales, revenue and overall brand reputation and branding growth. I took that same experience to the fashion industry where I worked and opened various brands within New York City, Hong Kong, Paris, Milano, Stuttgart & more areas globally.
However, in 2017 I was officially saved by our Lord, Jesus Christ. Since then, I have sold or stepped away from all my businesses. However, my love for marketing and helping people remains. I see the gifts that the Holy Spirit has equipped me with so clearly now... and they are to be used to builds Jesus Kingdom, not other kingdoms. Therefore, today I use all the wonderful skills and relationships that God has provided me with over the last 37 years and began Heaven is Real Foundation with my family.
What started out as giving away some of my own personal items has now turned into helping others globally - especially those within the military community where my husband serves within the United States Air Force. Today, we send out blessing boxes worldwide, reaching over 30 countries - along with providing food to military members and their families. We also send out FREE bibles and studies across the world - directly to your mailbox. If you are willing to open your hearts to the Lord, we have a way for you to get your hands on his word. 
My goal is to simply use the blessings God has afforded me and use them to bless the community around us. Gods Kingdom is our ultimate destination and I hope you join me today sharing Gods blessings to our friends, neighbors and community.
We have been featured on various media outlets such as magazines, news websites, social media & more. In addition, our team was featured at Fashion Week in 2016. However, we no longer work in the fashion industry at all. Our focus is on Heaven is Real Foundation and working for the Kingdom of Light.
We look forward to doing Gods work with you. 

Thank you for stopping by. God bless!


2017 - My 'old' life prior to Jesus revealing himself to me.

I gave it all up for him. For his love. For his Kingdom. & not once... have I ever regretted it. My home is Heaven and I am here to do my Father's will. 

New York City, NY 2017 - Time Square

Fashion Shows and Pop Ups in NYC, Prior to Heaven is Real Foundation

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