Meet Berfe Zelal Elmali - The young designer behind dressing Lady Gaga

 In the bustling city of Istanbul, amidst the rich tapestry of history and culture, there lived a young designer named Berfe Zelal Elmali. Born in 1996, she was destined to leave a mark on the world of fashion with her unwavering passion and talent. It is not often you find someone who is willing to take a chance on themselves… Someone who is not willing to form to the patterns of the world but one who is willing to create the patterns of the world. When we met Berfe, she was exactly this. She was her very own pattern. Her very own passion. Her own type of talent. I think you would need to be to leave such a mark on someone like Lady Gaga and dress her. Berfe did just this and this is what we learned about her when sitting down with her for her interview


Having graduated from Şişli Vocational School, Berfe turned her interest in fashion into a professional career at an early age. The fabric of fashion intertwined seamlessly with every moment of her life, inspiring her to seek greater heights in this artistic realm. With dreams of establishing her own brand, she delved deep into various training in fashion design, constantly pushing herself to excel. When a dream meets action… it seamlessly works together just like a thread and needle. And this is exactly what Berfe did. She got to work on completing some of the most beautiful and unique designs we have come across in years.


Berfe's days were consumed by her dedication to the Sagalassos brand that she founded. She poured her heart and soul into creating collections for export companies and working as a fashion coordinator with retail networks. Her creative vision was not limited to mere products; it encompassed cultural freedom and the amalgamation of generations of creators.


"Sagalassos," she would say with conviction, "is more than just clothes; it is an expression of individuality and artistry."


In her pursuit of redefining the image of a strong, modern woman through avant-garde style, Berfe drew inspiration from unconventional sources such as art and nature. Like Coco Chanel once proclaimed, "Fashion is temporary; It is style that is permanent." And indeed, Sagalassos embodied this philosophy – blending intellectual depth with advanced codes to create a truly unique aesthetic experience. When you wear her designs, it is more than just clothes. It is a style. It is a desire a woman is fulfilling. She is 'whoever' she wants to be that evening. She is whatever identity she chooses in that beautiful dress she is wearing of Sagalassos. She is a dream coming to life.


As Berfe navigated the intricate world of high fashion, she found joy and comfort in spending time with her family and friends, immersing herself in books and cultural events. These moments provided respite from the fast-paced industry she thrived in – allowing her creativity to flourish even further. It seems the surface level of life was not made for this young designer... but going into the deep parts of life, culture, art, books, etc. that led her and continue to lead her into creating one-of-a-kind designs. The shallows can be fun, but the deep is where you find the treasure. And Berfe had no fear in taking her designs to a deeper level of not only herself, but her artistic abilities.


With each new collection unveiled by Sagalassos Studio, Berfe offered an imaginative and inspiring perspective that captivated audiences worldwide. Transforming surreal aesthetics into wearable forms infused with artistry and nature's essence became her signature style. Berfe turned dreams into realities. She gave women the armor they were looking for with each design she crafted. Berfe gave her clients what they wanted to put on as a woman. They did not just wear a design; they felt the design. They became the design… they became the art they were wearing. Berfe’s clients became one with their true nature and the design represented just that - nature's shadow. Berfe’s designs came with nature's essence and glow. Her designs were the beautiful armor we all long to wear... the covering of a beautiful woman and soul. But not just any type of clothing… clothing that really represents who we are as woman. Clothing that represents the inner us and not something we just settle for. Her work brought our souls to life in a wearable format.


Through sheer determination and unwavering passion for her craft, Berfe Zelal Elmali emerged as a beacon of creativity in the ever-evolving landscape of fashion. Her journey was one marked by resilience, innovation, and above all – an unyielding commitment to self-expression through design.


And thus, the legacy of Sagalassos continued to grow – a testament to Berfe's vision for empowering individuals through style that transcended trends; embracing timeless elegance rooted in personal identity. Berfe now holds a legacy. Her clothing and crafts are now moving art pieces... To be displayed all over the world as if the world was her runway. What better way to live than to act like the very sidewalk you walk on is your runway and red carpet? Have no fear, just as Berfe’s designs show us.

To learn more about Sagalassos, please visit Sagalassos on social media.


Lady Gaga wearing the designers dress