Alexandra Novacki Couture Runway 2024

After a sell out runway in 2023, emerging British designer Alexandra Novacki will unveil her brands second major collection "The Dark Peak", within the highly prestigious Walker Art Gallery in a city the designer has come to deeply admire. Along side one of Europes finest collections of artwork, a true fashion journey will ensue, where guests including brand clients, supporters and high profile names will gather to step in to the world of Novacki for an entirely unique Couture runway experience, the first of its kind in the North of England.

Alex aims to define how runway is more than just a showcase of clothes; " it's an immersive experience that celebrates the artistry, craftsmanship, and design vision of the high fashion industry. I aim to encourage people from all backgrounds and walks of life to feel included - Couture is for all."

The evening will begin with a Champagne reception, press photography and a private showing of the galleries. Following which the show will begin. Tickets will also include access to the official afterparty, more details of which will be sent to ticket holders priot to the event as well as runway information and dress code details.

Limited tickets are available for this highly anticipated event so be sure to purchase yours while sales last.